My socks? Where did the other go?

Losing a sock in the laundry is very common.
Why is does this happen to everyone? I am pretty sure that if you do ask one of our politician or their caregiver, they all say… well, I washed 2 socks = 1 pair… but when folding the clean laundry, I could only find ½ pair = 1 sock!
Why didn’t Mr. Albert Einstein come up with a formula for this? After all, this is important. Can’t tell the kids, well, the dryer ate one, so kid, you are on your own. Just wear the one and if it gets too cold, switch it during recess.
How should we keep track of our socks? Chain them? Or those energy saving machines are designed to slowly lower the loads so there would be none to wash and VOILA! We all saved on our energy bills by cutting down on our socks
So here’s my formula:
Make sure to buy all of your socks the same brand and same look. So if your washer or dryer decides to take one as hostage, you will still have more to match and won’t have to spend much time to look for the other pair

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  1. After several times of Daniel genittg dressed in the morning for work and coming out to the kitchen to ask “um… do I have any clean ____ ?” I sat down and wrote out a laundry schedule. I do 1-2 loads a day, and none on Saturday or Sunday (unless I get off schedule or I need something washed specifically). As for fabric softener… I don’t buy it either, but last winter I got 4 bottles for FREE w/ coupons, and I use it every now and then. I like it!! But I’m used to the laundry w/out it, so I don’t mind not using it. There are recipes for homemade if you want to use it but not buy it.

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