Loads of laundry every week?!

Today’s parents have little or no time to wash a family of 4, worth of 7 days of dirty soil. We see that there are more and more working mothers than it used to be.
We all heard our grandma stories where women living on the same street, use to get together during the weekdays and they all helped each other out, with laundry, cooking and so forth. Those days are over!
Today, everyone has a busy schedule:
Media: “today’s kids don’t get enough exercise/activities = over weight as adults” – so we panic and sign our kids to 5 different after school programs and take away the DS/PSP/any other type of games, etc… And our 48″ LCD HDTV that the husband had to actually get a second job at McDonald flipping burgers is now sealed and the remote is put in the safe!
The amount of birthday party invitations that we get during the 10 months of school year is absolutely unbelievable! On top of that, there are the extended family birthdays to remember and attend. And don’t forget your own parent’s birthday or wedding anniversary. My parents blow my mind from time to time and here’s why:
Retired individuals, the 4 kids that use to be living with them, are now all grown-ups and have their own life and family to take care of. So each January my father – that obviously has lots of free time on his hand – get his own “personal” calendar with all the special days on it. I am pretty sure that beside those days, there isn’t anything left for a retired man to put on. And god for bit if I forget their wedding anniversary! The threat will always lead to their will and removal of my name permanently
Of course these 2 loving, caring parents/individuals forgot all about what’s life is when you’ve got kids and when both parents work full time. They forgot all about the repetition of the same phrase 100 times to just get the boots on!
I remember one winter morning, I had to repeat so many times to both of kids to put their shoes on that when the school bus arrived, I told the driver to put his boots on rather than: Good morning Joe, how do you do?
Now that the kids are off to school, it’s time to get to work! After all the day’s just started. Nice and cozy, looking forward to that quite early morning drive where I could sip on that coffee and listen to the news and see what is happening beside our kids will grow to be overweight!
The next great news is there’s an accident on the highway and your 30 min ride will take you 1h 30!
So you finally make it to work and you hear the sarcastic comments of your boss that this is happening pretty often to get to work late:
“Last time was the school bus came late to pick up the kids”
“Today is the traffic and accident on the road”
“I wonder what will happen tomorrow” – I almost said: “please don’t gins it”
After the sarcasm was over, the work load came about, the reports and meetings to attend and prepare. Lunch was skipped and work needs to be done.
While thinking ahead, school calls about one of the kids having a headache! I almost said: so do I, is my mother coming to get me as well?
The husband is nowhere to be found so:
Boss is told, keys are collected, work is not finished and the bread on the table is very well at stake!
The kids are picked up and the big smile on their faces make it all worth the beating I got since the morning.
The phrase repetition is back and the “why” questions are being asked 5 seconds intervals from 2 kids sitting in the back seat of the car.
The kids are taken to their after school dance class%u2026 with the headache! It’s ok to miss school, but they are not going to be overweight as adults! So no excuse for the karate class or dance class unless the ambulance is called and it’s life threatening. Aside from the weight, the class has cost the parents an arm and a leg. WE ARE NOT MISSING IT!
Dinner is cooked, kids are cleaned, homework done and all the “why” questions are HOPEFULLY answered. The husband gets home with a big smile and calls you “cranky” without even knowing what has happened to you all day.
Dinner is served, kids are put to bed and now your part time job starts: LAUNDRY
Your part-time work is payless, its time consuming, half-awake the clean laundry is folded and separated by the member of family basket. This dreaded chore, which seems not very important on your everyday to-do list. But is somewhat very important:
Husband needs his shirts cleaned and pressed for next day work and his self-image is depended on your part-time job. It all reflects on what type of personality he has and his living environment. So after all, we do judge a book by its cover and he needs to be hard cover with a beautiful illustration which is the wrinkle free dress shirt for his next day sales meeting and the same rule applies to the rest of the family member.
What if when the kids are put to bed, aside from washing/folding the laundry you could relax and read a book? Or watch the desperate housewives without feeling desperate yourself?
What if by a click of a mouse or a phone call, a company would come & pick up your dirty laundry and drop it off nice, clean and ready for use?
What if your husband’s shirts were also all pressed to perfection?
What if your suits were also dry cleaned and returned with all of the above mentioned services?
What if you had one less thing to worry about?
What if you requested that your cloths to be washed with an eco-friendly detergent? They don’t just wash laundry, they are also environmentally conscious

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